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Kota- Grill Cabine 8 hoeks

Finse Kota, gemaakt van eersteklas (onbewerkt) Siberische Spruce. Patioworld, uw kota leverancier.
Ook verkrijgbaar: Kota-Sauna's met elektische of houtgestookte sauna-kachel

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€ 5,295.00 incluido tasas


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 Patioworld produce and deliver grill cabins of high quality.

The walls consist of half round 45x145mm pine. The roof is built up by 6 pieces of elements in block system that endures heavy weight. The roof is made of wooden 20x145mm panel with icopal on the top. There are thermo glass in both windows and door.

Inside benches along the walls are of 45x195mm pine and have the possibilities for extra benches for making bed. The grill cabins have a grill with four cornered grill grating and two round gratings for cooking. There are totally 6 tables around the grill and place for fire wood under the grill.

Our grill cabins have doors with locker and whole covering split floor with panels of 19x95mm. The chimney is possible to regulate and has a 45 degrees collar for smoke output (chimney 1,6-3 m, width 0,93 m). There is a small storage room above the door. The cabin is delivered in elements with detailed assembly instructions.


8-corners (16,5 m2)
Diameter - 4,93 m
High - 3,62 m
Weight - 1400 kg
Sitting places - 21
Benches - 7
Windows - 4

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